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Platinum Editions
These highly coveted works from Guillermo Velez are slightly more accessible than his Elite Editions, with only 17 prints or less available. Each image is signed and numbered by the artist.

Printed in our Gallery Acrylic Facemount, there is no added space between the acrylic and the print. This enhances the image and its colors and reflects them brilliantly in your home or gallery.

Sizes available 24x36 or 30x40
Size 40x60 + $1250
Custom sizes upon request.
Prices are plus shipping.
ValentinaWisdomToungueAngel WingsTotalAnkorEngagmentJungle FeverSaharaFree SpiritDemetriIn the NowWavesBig BendSoul AngelBubblesNeon Ride at the Blue CityNamasteDesert MistNamibia Abstracts